It’s not a celebrity status, it’s a responsibility. 


No, you don’t need to be hired by a multi-national company to deserve this post and to actually be it, because you are, ever since.


As someone who has ambitious goals and dreams, at some point you’re going to be faced with a reality where there are decisions that needs to be made and it will be uncomfortable, challenging and may take a whole lot of energy before jumping in. At some point, as an individual, you’ll grow into a family of team players.


Hiring, managing, and delegating can be exciting and overwhelming, heck, it may be scary, too. You’ll have to bank on risks and trust the process. How you step up and handle every challenge and situation will determine how successful you can be at building your goals, responding to your mission. 

As an entrepreneur (or a corporate professional), building a team means you’ll have a ton of failures but rising above it, how you handle it will mould you not just has a person but also as a leader. You need to lead, whether you like it or not, managing and being part of a team is no longer a party of one.  

Can you escape being a CEO? No.

Think about it, in your household, you are the CEO of your home and you’ve got your better-half to work along side with and your kids plus the rest of the other people (including your family) to work hand-in-hand with. You are the CEO, it’s time to step into you role!


Here are three ways to step up and act like that (awesome) CEO:




Every detail matter, you should always look into the objective of every decision that you’ll have to make or the team will have to make. What good will it do for the company? What are the risks? What’s the plan and what is the picture of success (internally and externally)?


Focus on the long-term success as much as how it’s going to do good short-term; don’t get stuck in micromanaging each details. Allow your team players to also learn from their experience and guide them through. As a leader, you need to ask leader-level questions, instead of being the nagger who cares on just ‘deadlines’; get systems in place and ensure client deadlines are met and done excellently.



There will be a whole lot of mindfulness and self-awareness needed. As a leader, we have to understand that people have their flaws, quirks, personality, character and working style. Having insight into and embracing these habits or expectations can help you define and identify the right people for your team and ensure you have the team players you’ll be needing to make your big vision happen. 

Get to know what your weaknesses are, hire those who are excellent in the necessary departments or activities. As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to build a team that works with your leadership style and you know what’s best for the growth of your business better, its yours to take.




It’s risky, I know.

I’ve been on this road and it took me forever before I finally hopped into delegating. When you’re starting, it’s alright to be the jack or Jill of all trades but as you grow the business, you’ll need key team players to do their part in order for your business to do more and get to achieve growth goals faster, better and holder.  Delegate with distinction and clarity.


Don’t be paralysed on micro-managing, learn also from the people whom you’re delegating it with and ask the right questions that will also motivate and encourage them to suggest and also learn from you, to own the business as much as you.


balance being inspiring, coaching, and as an encourage. Manage expectations and makes sure to always ask how they are and communicate the big mission, the conditions of the project and requirements it needs to be met, over and over.  

Knowing your WHO’s will help you define the team players you’ll want to work with who can also help you through the progress of your big mission. Moving from business owner to CEO or being the CEO of a big team; getting your smarts working for you can help you grow your business faster, and help you enjoy the process much more. 

Becoming the CEO is always a work-in-progress, no one has figured it all out. Always be testing, and evolve. Listen well, pay attention and always put the heart in service amongst everything else.

Money will follow.  

Now, are you ready to step into the shoes of the CEO? Definitely. Now, hop on in and claim your big ambitious dreams! 

About Kassy Kassy Pajarillo, is the chief encourager of The After Six Club and an international, independent LinkedIn trainer  whom have taught and shared masterclasses in Mongolia, Malaysia and Philippines. She’s a frequent speaker on Personal Branding, LinkedIn Power Profile and Optimization, Employee Ambassadorship and Digital Responsibility amongst few.  She made use of her talents and skills to pursue her advocacy – help you drive your ambition and pursuing your dreams through transformative and progressive education.

Today, she makes use of her influence on reminding you to embrace lifelong learning, writes in digital and traditional media, curates events and hosts corporate events.


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