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In recent years, more and more people want to increase their mobility possibilities. This is why
the world of Citizenship-By-Investment (CBI) is in constant evolution.

Europe followed this demand and trend in recent years. As a result, new CBI programs were
launched to provide individuals, particularly investors around the world, global mobility. New
programs like Moldova (suspended since), Montenegro (to start in 2020), and the Turkish
Citizenship-By-Investment (TCBI or Turkey CBI) program have drawn attention to investors from
everywhere with Turkey CBI being the most sought after, not only because it is a new—while
already tested — program, but also because it is one of the quickest and most cost-efficient
programs granting citizenship in comparison to its current competitors.

Advantages Of The Turkey CBI Program or TCBI
According to a report from the Turkish Ministry of Interior’s General Directorate of Population
and Citizenship Affairs, as of June 30th, 2019, a total of 981 main applicants from a large
selection of countries, including Canada, US, China, Italy, and Australia, were successfully
granted the Turkish citizenship through investment in the country since the start in 2017. Here
are some of the main advantages of the program.

 Successful applicants are given visa-free travel to over 115 countries including Japan,
Argentina, and Brazil.
 Ease of acquiring travel visas into the European Union, US, Canada, and Australia.
 Enables Turkish citizens to apply for the US E2 visa.
 The real estate investment required used to be set at USD1M. It has been reduced to
USD250,000 in September 2018, hence making it a fairly affordable program.
 It allows the investor's spouse and children to qualify automatically.
 There is no requirement to reside in Turkey or speak Turkish.
 The average processing time is from 3 to 6 months.
 The Turkish passport, while not granting the most visa-free accesses at face value,
grants access to key jurisdictions like Japan, Brazil, and South Korea. Also, it is
reasonable to expect a visa-free agreement with the European Union as soon as the
Cyprus-Turkey situation is resolved.

Want To Get Your Golden Passport in Turkey?

Turkey is a beautiful country with amazing wildlife, diverse landscapes, and rich cultures. Book
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