We’re about to bid adieu to the end of the decade!

As co-presenter of Social Media Week in its second year, we always are encouraged and fueled knowing the objective of this prestigious global conference is about making your voice heard, your story built with purpose and mission.

Speaking at Social Media Week and sharing the stage either as a moderator or panel reactor is always an honor and privilege to participate in plus having to surround ourselves with entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and industry champions keep us going; reminding us of our principles and encouraging us to further be to help you towards making your personal and career goals come true.

With 60 speakers and more than 1,000 attendees, there truly is power in social media and it is our responsibility to educate each other to make use of this platform for the betterment of mankind, grow brands with impact and build purposeful businesses. 

Here are some highlights and behind-the-scenes moments during our sessions. May it also help your campaigns.


Setting up and having the goal in mind will drive you to a purposeful campaign. Having a direction and identifying objectives makes you more efficient and mindful on where your efforts are going. With all the strategies and tactics in paid advertising, it’s very easy to lose money over paid ads, and not seeing the ROI return that you are looking for. Patience and testing are two of the key mindsets to really embrace and master.


 Treat your influencers and those whom you collaborate as partners towards achieving a common goal.  Treating them as brand advocates and not simply just brand mouthpiece.  Having to include them in the brainstorming session and execution makes the campaign tailored to their audience.


 Challenges make you grow in proportions that you never knew you can grow in. Allow yourself to take in opportunities that’ll make you explore, experiment and learn every day.


 As you set the goal in mind. Having to identify metrics of success will streamline your efforts better. Knowledge in analytics is power. There are so many learnings you’ll download from insights.


Generosity doesn’t just come from the exchange of fiat but also on extending a helping hand in any way you can without anything in exchange and expectations. Goodness begets goodness.


Including men in the conversation and women empowering one another towards growth and progress. Taking stereotypes out of the equation and supporting everyone’s endeavor with an open mind and acceptance.

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