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According to the Philippine Statistics Authority’s report, there were approximately 2.3 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in 2018. About 97 percent of them hold existing work contracts from their employees overseas. What’s astonishing is that this figure represents an increase of about 100,000 OFWs compared to figures in 2017.

There are many reasons why many Filipinos leave their country—and their families—to work and/or live abroad. One of the top reasons includes the fact that there are bigger, better, greener opportunities outside of the Philippines, especially for skilled workers. Another reason is that many Filipinos have big dreams and ambitions, and many feel they can’t achieve them if they stay in the Philippines—or that they couldn’t find the right opportunities here to achieve them.

The results of the recent Philippine elections have highlighted the other top reason why many Filipinos opt to leave: disdain from corrupt officials. Politics, particularly self-serving politicians and how corruption affects the people and the country’s economy, are making more people think of leaving the country whether for short-term employment abroad or for good.

Here are some of the relocation options for you and your family should you choose to leave the country, regardless of your deciding factor/s.

Work Abroad, Bring Your Family With You

This option is quite popular for young families, especially for parents who are in the IT industry. For example, an IT consultant working for a company in Singapore or Malaysia has the option to bring his or her family abroad through the acquisition of a dependent visa for the family members.

What’s good is that spouses who hold a dependent visa can apply for work in the same country as long as the company has been approved by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. A two-income household is ideal for young families wishing to bring their children with them abroad. After living in a new country for a few years, you can then apply for permanent residency and/or citizenship.

Uproot Your Entire Family and Migrate Now

When you were younger, you’d often hear your friends migrating to the United States after they finish high school or even grade school in the Philippines because the petition has been finally approved. You’d see them pack their entire lives into boxes, say goodbye to them from across your home before they drive off the airport, and you’d hear from them decades later when they visit the Philippines as balikbayans. Only then you would hear their stories about life in a foreign country and how difficult it was for them to adjust.

Today, the immigration process has become easier and more and more Filipino families, especially the young ones, are moving abroad, particularly in Canada and Australia. While different countries have different immigration requirements, the same thing happens: you uproot your entire life in the Philippines to move to your country of choice as soon as possible.

For most people, uprooting your entire life in the Philippines can be hard, especially if you haven’t lived or worked abroad for a few years. It is even harder for the children, particularly those who are already attending school.

Get A Second Passport Now, Leave Whenever You Want

What many people don’t know is that there’s an option that allows you to get a new citizenship today without leaving the country or even traveling to the new country before, during, and even after the application process. This one is called the Citizenship-By-Investment. Several countries around the world are offering this option for people who want a “Plan B” or an escape route.

The Citizenship-By-Investment program is commonly referred to as the “Golden Passport.” As the nicknames suggest, these programs allow a person to acquire a new citizenship through investment.

While different countries have different investment requirements/offerings, the key benefits here include the acquisition of second citizenship without having to leave the country. There’s no need for each family member to apply because the successful applicant can extend the golden passport to his or her dependents.

The other key benefit is that holders of golden passports can travel visa-free to over 140 countries including the Schengen Area. As citizens of your new country of choice, you are granted the same benefits—social, economic, health, travel, and more—as a natural-born citizen. For families with children, having a golden passport means having opportunities for better education in top universities without the need to apply as a foreign student.

Moving Soon?
If there’s a will, you’ll find that there are many ways to leave the country and start a new life abroad. What’s stopping most people, even those with money, is the thought of having to uproot one’s self and pack your life in the Philippines and then start from scratch—all because you want new citizenship.

If you want a golden passport without having to travel outside of the Philippines during the application process, contact your Harvey Law Group representative today and start the discussion.

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