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Welcome to the THE AFTER SIX CLUB site. As an entrepreneur and a professional, we are surrounded by a lot of opportunities and offerings to the extent, it’s hard to choose on which ones are the best ones and which amongst the clutter should we go for, everyone’s marketing through paid marketing content and everyone seems to have been doing almost (if not all) the same things.

We want to embrace communities and help every individual whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, freelancer or a corporate individual with tons of KPI’s and is hungry for personal and developmental growth.

Our core mission is to provide a platform which allows every community to come together as one. We aim to produce the support you need online and offline. The main operative word for this online platform is ‘COLLABORATION’ as we would want to be there for you and your needs.

If you’re an entrepreneur, we have venues which you can utilize for your launch and brand building without costing you an arm and a leg and a community to share it with.

Remember, there is no “I” in the word TEAM and success is best achieved TOGETHER.

Human Connections: Transformative Networking
Being the co-host of #linkedinlocal (Philippines), a movement born through the professional social media platform, LinkedIn, and having to co-launch and host one of the many #ConnectedWomen meet-ups;  we gather professionals and individuals on equal footing with the motivation to empower and inspire people towards their great potential.

We conduct seminars and workshops as a transformative networking initiative; an online show to further educate and reach out to every individual; and a subscription membership to provide a safe place for anyone to be supported for their endeavors and to connect, share knowledge and bring ideas to life.

Your Local Best Thought-Leaders & Teachers

Built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible, and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good.

The After Six Club works and collaborates with the Philippines’ leading teachers, thought-leaders, and experts of their fields to amplify and empower your potential, capabilities, and skills.

We listen to our community’s interest and produce what every professional and individual needs to progress.

The After Six Club

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