By Faye Cornhill

Certified business coach and strategist Faye Cornhill shares her top 5 tips on how to set goals and achieve them! Faye helps creative and wedding business owners create the business they have always dreamed of. Read on and start setting goals!

I’d like to share with you something that had a huge impact on my businesses last year—goal setting. We hear a lot about setting goals, especially in January when we all commit to change. But many of us fail to actually set goals, commit to them, and achieve them. So today, I’d like to share my top 5 tips for goal setting.

Dream Big
To help keep you motivated, it is absolutely important to have an end goal in mind. Whether it’s a holiday, a car, a spa day, a new pair of shoes. Make it personal to you and remind yourself daily.

Be Specific
There is nothing worse than setting a goal that was never and/or is never achievable because it was so fluffy. Here’s an example: “I’d like to be more confident.” How? In which areas? What do you want the outcome of your newfound confidence to be? How will you measure your success?

Create A Vision Board
I know, I was never really convinced by this idea but let me tell you…it works. An easy way to do this is using Pinterest. Pin your dream house, car, lifestyle, shoes, clothes, holidays—whatever is relevant to you. It’s such a fun experience and it will help you get really clear on what your lifestyle will look like once you’ve achieved your goals.

One step better is to create a physical vision board. Print pictures or use magazines and get cutting and sticking! The benefit of a physical vision board is that you can place it somewhere you will see it every day to remind yourself of why you’re in business.

Break It Down
So, your year goal might be to earn enough money to leave your job and commit to your business full time. Get clear on the numbers. How much do you need? Where will you get this money from? How many bookings do you need? Every day, set an intention for achieving something that will take you further towards your end goal. It might be small but chipping away every day will get you there quicker.

This is so important and one that a lot of people forget. Just like a balanced diet, you also need a balanced lifestyle. I’m a huge believer in having a financial goal. I’m always working towards a monetary target in both of my businesses. However, I also think it’s really important to have other targets for areas of self-development.

It’s Time To Set Goals
I hope these tips help bring you clarity. I would love to hear how you get on so please feel free to share your planning and success stories with me! You can email me at


Edits: Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla  |  Image Credit: Faye Cornhill
The original version of this article was first published in Faye Cornhill Coaching.

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Faye Cornhill is a certified business coach and strategist who helps creative and wedding business owners create the business they dream of. You can visit her website here.

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