Social Media Management: Core Lessons

Managing social media accounts aren’t as easy as how it looks. It takes a lot of time, effort, analysis and studying to come up with strategies, visual content curation and lest not forget community management. Whenever I get asked on how do we get to successfully...

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Is Influencer Marketing For You?

With the growth and influx of social media with the influencer marketing beginnings in 2014, this tactic has become more prevalent and used by every business.  There have been incredible successes and few massive failures but it’s a tactic which includes thorough research, consideration, and strategy.

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Add Pomodoro To Your Productivity

There is this certain magic in forcing yourself to work during a period of time and the satisfaction of having a break. It’s like training your mind to be laser-focused and also give yourself that accountability to be efficient. 

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Automate Your Social Media Campaigns

You need to simplify life and be the driver of your deliverables and not your deliverables being the boss of your supposed time-flexibility.  If you’re someone who’s starting out, just about to transition or is still looking for ways on how to automate deliverables as...

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