5 Genius Ways To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategies

There are many inexpensive ways that a company may use to boost its interactions with consumers, but often these tactics are underutilised. To name a few, a company may use its corporate website for conducting surveys, allowing for comments / suggestions, and collecting email subscribers. To make the corporate website interesting and stand out from competitors’ website, the company may also include audio and video files rather than relying solely on texts and pictures format. A research by Animoto, a social video platform company, on social media platforms show that 64% of users express that viewing a video on social media influenced them to make a purchase.

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6 Ways Solo Travel Changes Your Life

This rise of solo travel is changing the industry, setting new trends for what has become a new luxury in recent years. But there are still many of us who have yet to new experience. So here are some ways on how solo travel can change you for the better. Read up and add flying solo to your bucket list for 2019!

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Cultural Fit In Business: How Important Is It?

It’s one thing having the appropriate qualifications for a role you’re interviewing for; but fitting in with the business itself is an entirely different challenge.What Is Culture Fit?It’s more than likely that you’ve heard the term ‘culturally fit’ throughout the...

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How Does Blockchain Affect Marketing?

As written by Sohfi Hamid of Marketing in AsiaThere is a buzzword that has been floating around in the Marketing domain; it is called Blockchain.  The technology buzzword is increasing its popularity due to its robust functionality and tamper-proof capability to...

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