Good question.

The more people are getting into LinkedIn, the more people are getting acquainted and comfortable with the platform. If you’re more familiar with how Facebook Company Pages works, it’s similar to how LinkedIn company pages is designed. Just like a company page on Facebook, you may not get as much activity and engagement on your company page but that doesn’t mean your business shouldn’t have one on the LinkedIn space.

  • Should LinkedIn Company page replace your personal profile? No. But, it may supplement your personal activities.
  • Will it benefit my personal profile if I have a Company page? Definitely.

You’re probably confused. Let me explain why your LinkedIn profile  holds more importance than your company page.


People Trusts and Connects More With People

Never the logo. Why? logos aren’t humans whom they can connect with anytime, any day. These logos are representation of what you do and for branding purposes but never the relationship.

Think about it – when you’re in any platform, which would you rather connect with? The page which has the logo in it or would you rather find someone whom you can speak with directly? Yup, people needs people and not the automated messages.

It’s always ‘customer service’ that wins over how the brand presents itself.


Company pages are representations, Personal Profiles are Authentic

Most of the time, people stumble upon your company pages to see what you’re doing, and connect. However, there’s always this crippling aspect on having a company page – it has this disconnecting impression or hard to reach. People are always looking for ways to connect, converse and develop relationships – brainstorm, collaborate and explore possibilities.

Interactions are what makes possibilities happen.

Sponsored posts may help boost your brand and the message you’d want to disseminate but it’s the offline gatherings which closes the deal. Businesses are successful in lead generation when it comes to spending for ad boosts but as it gets expensive, your personal relationship holds more value and depth.

LinkedIn Personal Profiles is for reaching out, Company pages are for brand building.

If you’re willing to put in the time, your personal profiles may bring forth more opportunities than the numbers on your followers count and more than how your company pages are statically working for you.

Just as what the platform teaches us and believes in, it’s used more on leveraging relationship building, to connect you with the right people which aligns to your goals and objectives.


Here are few more reasons why your Personal Page is more accountable than your company page:

  • You may connect with the right people by sending out connection request, finding them on the search field, and knock on their doors through in-mails to generate new leads and possibly bring online connections, offline.  Always remember to target your outreach and focus on prospects that aligns with your business and objectives.
  • Personal Messages. Your company pages can include content you’ve developed and shared on your website and few announcements but it’s your personal page which can interact with other people directly.
  • Publish Content Directly to LinkedIn Publisher (Linkedin Pulse).  We all have developed into visual individuals. While we share all these images and videos, having to update your LinkedIn Publisher through your Personal Profile helps you build your authority on topics and build trust. Basically, if you don’t have a well designed website, your LinkedIn may already serve everything else that you need. No kidding.

So, Do I still need a Company Page?  Despite all that I’ve mentioned – Yes, you should.

It is worthwhile to create a LinkedIn Company Page, but don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s going to be some sort of untapped goldmine of exposure for your brand (unless you spend big money on advertising). If you manage your expectations, you’ll find that LinkedIn Company Pages will have their place in the overall spectrum of your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Here are some of reasons and benefits as to why you should have one for your company.


It boosts that Professional Profile

Every potential lead, customer or connection are always looking for the company name especially if it rings a bell more or if they forgot whom they just met. Whether you are a large company or a one-man show, having a company profile instills trust, establish your credibility and makes you (and your company) searchable.

Also, you wouldn’t want to have a Grey Box beside your professional entry.

Now, what if you’ve got a startup and you also handle your personal brand? Will you need a Professional Company page? It’s up to you, but preferably.

More opportunities to be found.

LinkedIn has already established that ‘When you need to locate or meet someone from a certain company, you’d have to check their LinkedIn first or always choose LinkedIn link on from the search results on google’ Having a company page provides additional ways for prospects to find you and your content on LinkedIn. This includes company page status updates, job postings and employees’ profiles.


LinkedIn Company Page always comes out first, you’re guaranteed to have been boosted for your SEO needs. Often your company page will come up high in the search results when someone Googles your company name.

Your team and employees can be connected.

Which is pretty awesome.

This would build more credibility and direct access to whomever may be looking for a certain department from your company.  It’ll also boost your company’s searchability.

LinkedIn Company Pages can advertise with highly targeted audiences.

Cool feature.

Unlike your Facebook pages wherein you don’t have a clear visibility on whom you want to target into specificity, Linkedin Company pages has a much lean Target Audience Settings.


Your status updates may expand its reach according to whom you want to reach. When you plug in advertising, it’ll direct exactly to the person you’d want to address it to – into the brim, from their industry to their designation (plus, they’re decision makers!).


In Conclusion

You’ll definitely need both. If you own a business, or if you’re an employee. Make sure you get to have yourself properly tagged to your company’s profile. It is essential to have both Personal and Company Profiles.

To maximise your company page, be sure to set objectives and expectations on what you’d want to address and achieve. Remember (as of date), your company page showcases what you want people to learn about the company, broadcast announcements and communicate what your company would like to solve and address.

Learn how to make that profile work for you and generate leads for your business

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