By Maria Celia Alamo Jacob

Last December 13, globally renowned travel blogger Drew Binsky had a meet-and-greet event in Manila in collaboration with The After Six Club. Drew has traveled to 150+ countries and with 500+ million video views and 2.2+ million social media followers, Drew talked about how he gets paid to travel the world. He also shared the pros and cons of being a nomad and what skills are needed to monetize your blog.

Today, creative entrepreneur and certified life coach Maria Celia Jacob shares with her key takeaways from the event as a guest and an event co-sponsor.

Drew is very passionate about his goal to visit all 193 countries around the world at such a young age. His passion started when he traveled to Prague and saw different cultures and explored different lifestyles. Like me, I have visited some countries and it opened my eyes to a more colorful life. He embraced his ambition “one day at a time” with a clear goal from the start that he will grow his global audience through his blogs to help him sustain his travel adventures.

How did Drew Binsky inspire you to embrace your ambition as a creative entrepreneur?
I love how he was able to connect his passion for traveling with his business that helps him create more content for his blog. I also enjoyed this talk about leveraging his social media following to get more sponsors to help him achieve his goal. His hard work and determination led him to a life that he had dreamed of. He is also very passionate about inspiring others and that is what made me love Drew Binsky’s journey. It is not only for himself. He reaches out to people and always finds beauty in all cultures around the world. It is very authentic.

What was your favorite part of the event and why?
I love the part where Drew answered questions from the attendees, inspiring everyone to work hard to achieve their dreams. I also love how he connects with everyone. He is so authentic. I love the sharing of blessings to the pedicab driver mom who received an early Christmas gift from everyone when we “passed the hat” to help her buy her own pedicab. So much love and unity in that event!

But the best part of the day was when my 10-year-old daughter, Hailey, gave Drew a hoodie as a gift from her budding business. She told Drew that part of the profit from her business is being saved for her travel adventures. She’s been watching Drew’s YouTube videos and that event inspired her more. Like Ricky Shetty, who is one of my mentors, I want my kids to experience the world, explore cultures—not just in books but in real life. Travel is one of the best gifts I can give to my kids.

What was the lesson you learned from him and how are you going to adapt it to your business?
Like Drew, I’ve always followed my passion. As a creative entrepreneur, I always see opportunities around me for connections and collaborations. Our passion fuels us to achieve our goals. For Drew, nothing is going to stop him to visit all 193 countries. When asked what his advice is for people who want to do the same, he said, “Just go.”

I have been doing just the same thing. I am the type of person who will try to explore possibilities around me. I’m always inspired by people who just go for it. I believe in the “Ready, Aim, Fire” concept. Most entrepreneurs learn as we go along the way and it really helps if we start now. No situation will ever be perfect. You have to work on your dream to make it happen.

Did enjoy the Drew Binsky in Manila event? Here are some travel blogging tips from Drew himself!

Edits: Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla  |  Image Credit: Drew Binsky  |  Video Credit: Caveman Travel

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Maria Celia Alamo Jacob is a creative entrepreneur and the owner of Brownroots Creatives. She is a motivational speaker and a certified life coach. Her talks focus on women empowerment and life transitions.

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