Build Your Brand Through Passion

If you own a dog, we bet you must’ve heard of him. We love watching Cesar plays with his dogs, trains them and shares with the audience about dog handling and other how-to skills on his NatGeo People’s Dog Whisperer show. He also helps people to...

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Why Global Brands Choose Social Media Marketing

Can you still recall the other day when you want to buy that awesome performance car you’ve been dreaming of? You asked a couple of your close friends for their opinions over Instagram about the car, didn’t you? You purposely asked them because they happened to be the...

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Your Brand Will Be Judged By These

The human brain is hardwired to judge. This survival mechanism makes it very hard to see any brand without evaluating and interpreting their way of doing things. In fact, the majority of the judgments are focused on smaller, subtler things, such as the status being...

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This Is My Card

"The best marketing method is all method.” That is what you need to believe in and continue to do so in the future. It may sound simple to some people but not to you as a wise entrepreneur. You need to see it in a different way. You need to see it in a fundamental...

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Many digital marketers and social media experts talk about how important for you as a brand to monitor how consumers behave and act when they reach your website. All the analytics tools you have to own, watch your visitors numbers, visit trends, entrance pages, exit...

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