You need to simplify life and be the driver of your deliverables and not your deliverables being the boss of your supposed time-flexibility.  If you’re someone who’s starting out, just about to transition or is still looking for ways on how to automate deliverables as a social media manager, these two tips may help you manage your campaigns and for your clientele plus will be mentioning some tools I’ve used and explored.

The goal here is for you to zoom in and focus on creating the content and having them all scheduled in any social media platform for you and your client may need to be visible – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and even Twitter.

Step 1: Create that content in advance

Typically your clientele will ask for the content you intend to post for them to check, edit, or maybe have their thoughts included in the process.  The first key to automating your campaigns is by batching your work according to the directives.

Sometimes, it takes me 6 hours to work on social media cards worth 2-3 weeks (2-3 posts a day deliverable). Some, you may just need to submit or prepare a week in advance, others, they ask for an entire month.  You’ll want to have all your posts strategically thought of and all images ready to be posted with necessary links and photos to pair it for publishing.

Recommended Tools: Hootsuite, CoSchedule, PostPlanner, Sprout Social

Most of these tools are offering FREE versions and you can schedule content for your desired content including WordPress.  You can definitely check which works best for your own personal system and needs.

However, here’s a TIP! as much as possible, use the content scheduler of Facebook in order for their algorithm be in your favor when it comes to reach and engagements.

Step 2: Schedule your content accordingly

Got your tools ready? Great!

Now, how do you get started with the content? Your next step is to plan your strategy:

  • Frequency of your content per social media platform
  • Days and Time of your content
  • The theme for the day, week or for the month
  • The direction of campaigns and messaging

I love the convenience these tools get to provide for a much better workflow. You can schedule according to each platform by using just one dashboard and it will automatically post without you getting push notifications, reminders or you being in the need to open your computer or your phone to have them posted.

Here are a few of my favorite tips for automating and scheduling your content:

  1. Recycle

You may also use the MEET EDGAR if you’d want to have those posts repurposed by itself or you may already schedule the timing of each post after a couple of months to just repurpose and have them reposted for more effectivity and traffic.

      2. Hashtags

Hashtags are like archiving what you post and giving the audience the recall on what you want to be remembered as or known for.  Having to use hashtags helps you be easily found on the interwebs and for the audience to also be part of the ‘party’.

    3.  Batching and Automation did like clock-work

Think about vacations and the freedom to do other things especially when holidays happen.  I used to think that I don’t need to do ‘batching’ anymore as sometimes I just run out of ideas but after having to experience all the trial and error, batching my content and scheduling posts makes a whole ton of sense more and pressures me to get tasks done while the ideas are hot and that I am in the zone to make sure that the messaging are the same and relevant if not, related to each other.

It’s ideal to work on batching 2 weeks in advance to make way for fillers and discussions, and sometimes even a month ahead of time (especially if you’re dealing with busy clients).

You really need to find a system that will work for you (and with your clients).

Do you have any best-practice tips for automating social media?