Rachel Ngom has a master’s degree in social work, not in social media or marketing. When she found herself unable to find a job using her master’s degree, pregnant, living on food stamps, and with a negative $400 in her checking account, she decided that she needed to learn how to start her own business and truly leverage on the powers of social media.

She started her first business when she was 23 years old, back in 2010, with zero social media experience. Today, she’s helping entrepreneurs monetize their blogs and generate leads using non-typical strategies like Pinterest.

Today, we welcome Rachel to The After Six Club’s Ambitious Tribe.



 All because of my online presence, I went from earning $20,000 in one year to $80,000 the following year and to over $100,000 the next year. I went from having zero traffic in my blog (except, of course, from my mom haha) to over 34,000 visitors every single month!

I went from no one seeing my content to releasing a little $9 eBook that made $1,000 the day I launched it and crashed my site! Crazy, huh? I did all of that in my fitness business, which earned over $300,000. Then I started teaching entrepreneurs how to get more leads and sales using Pinterest at the end of 2017 with She’s Making An Impact.

I want to inspire entrepreneurs to make a ton of money so they can give back and make a massive impact on the world, thus the business name.

I love online marketing because it can help you reach way more people for less time, effort, and money. I teach strategies that aren’t typical, like using Pinterest, to get free traffic and leads on autopilot. I teach how to monetize their blogs and online courses. I offer private coaching, group coaching, VIP days, and online courses. My business is currently based in France or wherever I am.

Two weeks into launching She’s Making An Impact and with a very short email list, I pre-sold my very first online training course, earning over $3,000 that first month. The next month? I tripled that. During our first year in business, we served over 1,700 clients and made over $400,000.

Is it always necessary to be passionate about what your business is about in order for it to succeed?
It’d be really hard to do what I do without passion. I guess it depends on the person.

How did you obtain capital? Were there investors?
No investors, totally bootstrapped.

How did you build your customer base? What form of marketing has been most effective for you so far?
At first, blogging and Pinterest plus getting onto podcasts. We still do that but we also added Facebook ads.

How do you generate new ideas for your business’ growth?
I surround myself with other entrepreneurs, work with a coach, take time off to be outside, and read a good book.

What kind of company culture are you implementing? What are your core values?
Integrity, generosity, and self-starting. I know that I don’t know everything and I want my team to know that they have a very important voice in our company.

How do you deal with major mishaps? What would you say is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?
Own it and learn from it. It’s not easy, especially when you’re in a leadership role. You have to get tough and realize that you’re going to screw up somehow and be criticized. It’s essential to keep growing and move forward. Biggest mistake? Not being prepared for my taxes as my business grew back when I was in my early twenties.



What skills do you believe are necessary in handling a business?
Toughness, consistency, and leadership. You have to be relentless and never give up.

What would you say are some dos and don’ts in starting one?
Do find a need in the market that you can fill. Don’t try to figure it out on your own. Get a coach.

Was there ever a time you felt afraid that this might not work? How did you manage this fear?
Totally! I still do. I pray, focus on what’s good, and remind myself that all entrepreneurs have those feelings—and I’m not alone. And I ask myself better questions: What can I do to make my business grow even more? What can I do to add more value? How can I help more people?

Do you have interesting trivia about your business?
We love giving back and support charities like World Vision, Compassion International, Kiva, and IJM. During our last event, we volunteered with Feed My Starving Children to start off the event.

Describe a typical day for you.
I wake up before 6:00 A.M. I have my coffee, pray, write in my journal, and read. Then I work on top priorities. I wake up my kid and prepare him for school. I return to work and then squeeze in a workout before grabbing lunch with a friend or going for a bike ride. Sometimes, I get a massage or get my nails done. Then it’s client calls and interviews. After picking up my kid from school, we eat dinner, spend time as a family, and be in bed by 9:00 P.M.

What is your greatest fear?
Losing someone I love.

What sacrifices have you had to make to get here?
I invested in my personal growth, a lot. I said no to things that no longer served me, like watching the news or super trashy TV. I worked on vacations. But my life is a vacation so I like working for about 1 to 2 hours while I’m on vacation.



What can you consider is your greatest success?
My family and having the freedom and flexibility to live anywhere.

What would you say is the secret to success?
Work on your personal growth daily and never give up.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Seeing things differently and getting to inspire others.

What motivates you? Who has been your greatest inspiration?
Faith. I want God to use me to make a greater impact on the world and there’s no way I can do it alone. I want to build schools and fund entrepreneurs and do big things to help others.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years?
Running a multi-million dollar company. I see myself managing nonprofit, running trips to Senegal and more retreats.

Do you consider yourself an ambitious person?
Of course! I ask for what I want and think bigger than what may be realistic to most.

Do you think being ambitious helps you in business?
Definitely! I thought it was ambitious to go for $250,000 during our first year in business. We surpassed that!

What piece of advice can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
Be yourself, help others, add massive value, work on yourself, and never give up.


Edits: Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla  |  Image Credit: Rachel Ngom

About Rachel
Rachel Ngom is a Pinterest strategist who’s used the platform to generate over 20,000 free leads. She went from living on food stamps with a negative $400 in her checking account to a multiple 6-figure entrepreneur. It’s now her passion to share her pinning secrets with other female entrepreneurs so they can grow their influence, income, and impact! Rachel has lived in Kenya, met her husband in Senegal, got married in Morocco, and now lives in France.

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