By Justyna Kedra

In 2015, Justyna Kedra decided she wanted to own her life and think about the long term. She sat down for weeks and figured out exactly how she wanted her life to look, what she wanted to be remembered for, and the steps she needed to take.

During this process, she also realized that she lacked a network to help her get to her goals. WE RULE started as a project that would allow Justyna to grow her network organically. There were no quality female founder networks at the time, so she created one.

Since then, WE Rule has impacted thousands of female founders in almost all countries. Justyna gets emails all the time about how people connected and are working together or how an interview on the platform led to a business opportunity.

Today, we are proud to welcome Justyna to The After Six Club’s Ambitious Tribe.



In 2015, there were no businesses that used the word “we” for “women entrepreneurs”. At the time, the word “we” plus “rule” sounded like a cool connection.

Based in New York City, WE Rule is a platform that tells the stories of female founders from over 30 countries. The platform also connects them to business resources, mentors, investors, and various vetted business opportunities.
I love seeing my network succeed and connect people to growth opportunities and this is what WE Rule does. On top of that, WE Rule is aligned with my future plans.

What do you believe makes your business stand out?
It’s our vetting process. We get many applications daily, but we only share stories of entrepreneurs after completing our due diligence and business quality checks.

Is it always necessary to be passionate about what your business is about in order for it to succeed?
Absolutely! Things get very hard at times and your passion is what will make you keep going. Sometimes, when there seem to be no answers, passion is all you have left.

How did you build your customer base? What form of marketing has been most effective for you so far?
At first, I had a list of all countries in the world and compiled a list of female founders I’d like to feature and reached out to them. Today, it’s all organic. We work with multiple amazing PR companies who bring us new leads, as well as get referrals from our previous features. It’s all organic!

How do you generate new ideas for your business’ growth?
I personally love generating new ideas for WE Rule as well as my friends. The best strategy is to write a lot of ideas on a piece of paper, pick two or three you’re the most passionate about, and elaborate on them. Will they make you money? Are they aligned with your core concept? Are they aligned with your future plans for your business?

How do you deal with major mishaps? What would you say is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?
My ideology is that no one is perfect. Everyone fails and makes mistakes. The best strategy is to apologize, try to fix it, and not dwell on it for a long time. Move on and try to make your next move better.

I’ve had some bad experiences with business partners. Because I was too trusting, I ended up choosing people who did only one percent of the work and it was my fault for letting that go on for a while. Twice! Thankfully, I decided to be the sole owner of WE Rule and not let anyone else in as a business partner for now. Big mistakes can be good learning experiences and growth opportunities!

What is your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is not doing something every day that will help me grow. Personally, I never talk about it, but I have some huge goals for my life and I constantly fear that I won’t be able to accomplish them all. The pressure is healthy, but I can definitely feel it every day!

What motivates you? Who has been your greatest inspiration?
What motivates me the most is the unknown. It’s the dreaming and the endless possibilities of life. I am always positive that if something doesn’t go my way, there will be 100 other opportunities to make other cool things happen. Life is short but so cool and that’s what motivates me the most.

On top of that, I love reading about visionaries like Nikola Tesla, Einstein, and various leaders from the present and ancient cultures. I always try to find new tools that they used to amplify their success. Every time I learn something new, I am excited to try it out and implement it in my own life.

Do you consider yourself an ambitious person?
Absolutely! All of my goals and dreams are larger than life. Like I said above, I do get scared that I won’t be able to achieve them all, but at the same time, that’s what excites me. I can’t live a life without truly larger-than-life ambitions. To me, it’s the only way to exist.

What piece of advice can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
Surround yourself with people with vision. Be friends with people who want to win. This is the most important thing you can do for your business and your own future.



Edits: Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla  |  Image Credit: Justyna Kedra

About Justyna
Justyna Kedra is the founder and CEO of WE Rule. She received her BFA degree from Parsons the New School in 2014 where she successfully finished their toughest major: Fashion Design. Since then she had experience of working in top companies in fashion public relations, financial services, hospitality marketing, and more. She’s done it all until she found her calling: WE Rule.

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