Aha, caught you there! Thought this is about some pasta recipe?

As a Digital Professional, it’s easy to get succumbed by all the daunting things to do and that social media notifications can eat you up easily.  Pomodoro technique is a productivity hack which can help you on getting things done.

It took some practice but it has made a huge of a difference in my productivity.  May it also serve as a good tool for yours.

Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique?

Okay, what is it?!

It’s basically a timer wherein you set it up for 25 minutes and once it signals, you’ll have to take a break and give yourself pause from anything that requires thinking for about 5 minutes and  After which, set the timer again, reset and continue for another 25 minutes until you get to fully do everything you’ll need to do.

There is this certain magic in forcing yourself to work during a period of time and the satisfaction of having a break. It’s like training your mind to be laser-focused and also give yourself that accountability to be efficient.

You may download the Chrome Extension HERE

How to Master the Pomodoro

Don’t worry if you don’t get to perfectly get to accomplish what you hope to accomplish on the first few rounds. It takes a little getting used to.  But, if you’ve got a sticky or a planner by your work desk, you may be able to see how productive you are by:

  1. Monitor how many 25 minutes do you need to complete a specific task (.eg writing an article, researching for an article, doing social media cards, etc)
  2. Resist the urge to check social media by channeling off notification and turn your phone on silent to avoid incoming phone calls, text messages, and interruptions
  3. Analyze on how many minutes it took you to finish a certain tasks and if you’d have to repetitively do some, gauge on a plan and review your progress. This will help you be more conscious of what you want to accomplish and get to plan your day better.
  4. Set your daily schedule based on your task lists and your Pomodoro output. This way, you’ll be able to advance planning your work hours and what tasks are due dated to ensure deliverables will be met and accomplished.
  5. When timing yourself, have an objective on why you’re giving yourself the Pomodoro technique.


When I started pre-planning my days and building on my own work-hours system, having a routine and the Pomodoro technique – it has been helping me feel more accomplished. I have been writing more often, creating batches of social media cards within the time frame and to top it all, it doesn’t feel like I’m all over the place.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 7.52.26 AM

Having to write this article is an example – I got to write, set-up the post, look for a fitting photo and give it a second look,  have it published; all in 25 minutes.

You may also use this technique if you want to start Meditating, get back to reading or simply just want to do something new and fill-in that learners hat.

Have you heard or tried this technique? How do you manage your time and productivity?