From Food Carts to Influencers, How this Millenial did it.

Ace Gapuz

Hazel Bernadette Gapuz, or “Ace Gapuz” as known to many, is an entrepreneur, marketing and public relations specialist, and financial education advocate.

A serial millenial entrepreneur who has ventured onto series of businesses in her 20’s -Dimsum cart when she was 21, lead Grab Taxi’s launch when she was 22 ,  D’Park Food Hub, Boracay’s first food park when she was 26, and presently, the Chief Executive Officer of Blogapalooza, an influencer marketing platform.

We asked Ace few questions for us to further brief you on her journey, keep reading:

1. Did working for Grab convinced you to pursue a career in developing another startup?
Working for Grab acquainted me to the startup llife: a flat organization with no strict policies and processes, that daily challenge of just winging it to make things happen, and a dynamic environment that everyone likes to call as “hustle”. While my stint in Grab did not really encourage or convince me to put up my own startup, it sure did give me a taste of what it’s like to be in one — which, in reality, is something that I think I’m made for.

2. In what way(s) do you think working for startups has helped give you career direction?
Being in a startup environment does NOT give you direction — rather, you MAKE that direction, knowing that with the fluidity of the startup environment, you have to be agile in adusting and pivoting when needed.

3. Are there other hustles do you do aside from Blogapalooza?
I run a food park and hostel in Boracay and I do marketing consultancy for brands.

4. What career advise do you have for wannabe changers or people who aren’t happy where they are?
I remember the time when I felt extremely empty and I just knew that I wasn’t where I wanted to be, and so my advice would be — just like what Steve Jobs said — “Keep looking.”

5. Do you recommend for millenials like you to embark a career in startups right away?
I’m a millennial with a Gen X mindset when it comes to work, and so my general recommendation for millennials would be to work in a rigid corporate environment first. The corporate world will teach you the 3 P’s: policies, protocols, and politics. This is very important to get millennials to “toughen up” for the challenges they will have to face when embarking on a career in startups.

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