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Empower Humans, Embrace Ambition

The After Six Club

We are offering behind-the-scenes and a venue of and for every organization, focusing on employers and personal branding, culture, education and mindful leadership online and offline. We host unique events and experiences supporting communities and causes aligned with our vision: For the people, with the people. Meet, learn and build.

The After Six Club

The After Six Club is a space, a platform and a community. Driven by a movement committed to creating impact by collaboration, relationships and connecting humans.

The After Six Club
Learning is a life long endeavour

At The After Six Club, learning is a lifelong endeavour.

Not everyone is destined to be in corporate, the same as not everyone is inclined for entrepreneurship. However, we believe everyone is an entrepreneur who owns a certain passion which needs to be ignited and pursued. You are your own rockstar. There is joy, satisfaction and fulfillment when you drive your own life towards growth and your career. There is power in connecting and relating with a community filled with like-minded individuals.

Live our calling

We Live our calling.

The After Six Club supports and provides marketing, logistics, and tools which unfolds into possibilities and opportunities to keep that passion burning to become a better version of yourself.

We believe that every person can and should love their job, pursue their endeavors – and be successful at it. Together, we can make that happen and embrace ambition.

Live our calling

Learning Defies Tradition

We would want to extend relief and support to solopreneurs, small-medium enterprises and every entrepreneur of this generation.

Following our ground rules (no sales pitch, sales agenda, business cards) on positioning everyone in equal footing, we would want to bring together a diversity of interests and personalities, all in one place.

At The After Six Club, we believe in people and that education is the key to elevating one another. Focusing on mindful leadership, culture, and growth with the aim for all of us to WORK HAPPY.

Every person’s journey is different and there are so much that success can and can’t teach us. We would want to drive meaningful change through learning with a pool of connections and collaborations in a community which will make all things possible.
The After Six Club

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