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There are only a few passports in the world that allow you to spend 30 days in China without the need for a visa. Since June 2015, Grenada passport holders can enjoy this part of Asia without having to go through the tedious visa process.

In recent years, more and more Filipinos are getting a second passport for many reasons. Apart from giving them the peace of mind as a Plan B, a golden passport also allows them to travel with ease and even do business abroad without the need to leave their mother country.

If you’ve recently acquired your second passport in Grenada through the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program, here are 6 things you should do in China when you do visit.

1. Visit Nanjing Road In Shanghai

If you love shopping, head to Nanjing Road, which is Shanghai’s main shopping street. It is filled with blocks after blocks of traditional department stores as well as trendy fashion boutiques for upscale brands like Omega, Mont Blanc, Tiffany, and Dunhill. There are also specialty shops that offer visitors a chance to purchase authentic Chinese silk, jade, clocks, wool, and other embroidered items. Travelers swear that visiting Nanjing Road early in the morning and at night are the best times to go, probably to avoid the biggest crowds during the midday.

2. Visit The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is located in central Beijing, China and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A trip to China just won’t be complete without seeing this amazing structure that dates back to 1406. It was one the home of China’s emperors and for more than 400 years, the Forbidden City served as the Chinese government’s ceremonial and political structure. If you love history, culture, and architecture, add this to your itinerary.

3. Conquer The Great Wall Of China

It is probably the most iconic and famous tourist spot in all of China. The sheer size alone is astonishing and the engineering prowess of the man-made structure is known around the world for generations. Now, when we say conquer, we don’t mean you need to walk the entire length of the Great Wall because it would take you 18 months to do it. Rather, make sure you explore at least some parts of this amazing structure when in China. Time your hike between September and November for a more picturesque fall backdrop.

4. Explore Tiananmen Square

The world’s biggest public square is embraced with structures, including the Forbidden City. It is close to the Museum of the Chinese Revolution, the Qianmen Gate, the Great Hall of the People, and the Museum of Chinese History. It’s a great starting point for a whole day of exploring. If you love flowers, you’ll surely enjoy the abundant floral display at the square, especially during October.

5. Spend The Day At Shanghai Disneyland

Of the perks of having a Grenada passport for families is the ease of travel and schooling options for the kids. And when in Shanghai, taking the kids to see Disneyland is a must. Travelers suggest buying your tickets online and getting to the park early, preferably on a weekday, if your travel plans allow. This way, you can avoid the long lines and the crowd and your kids can better enjoy the attractions.

6. Meet The Giant Pandas Up Close

If your kids love the Disney movie Kung Fu Panda, take then to the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Centre for a real-life and up-close encounter with these adorable creatures. If you want to see baby pandas in the nursery, you can visit during the late autumn and winter.

See You In China!

If you’ve always been fascinated with this part of Asia but quite anxious about getting a visa, one of the best alternatives is to get a second passport in Grenada. As a Grenada citizen, you don’t need to go through a visa application. You also don’t need to live in Grenada for a few years just to keep your citizen. You can stay in the Philippines but also be a Grenada citizen through the CBI program.

To learn more, talk to your Harvey Law Group representative soon.

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