By Imelda Say

If you love sharing stories, knowledge, and thought-provoking ideas, have you ever considered a career as a freelance trainer or a public speaker? Perhaps you are already doing it small-scale—through meetups with friends, in small networking events, or even perhaps in family gatherings. If you think you’re ready to widen your reach, here are 6 reasons that could persuade you to make that jump.

1. Add value to people’s lives.

Whether you are publicly speaking about a topic that is close to your heart or you are teaching people how to become professional trainers, you are already adding value to people’s lives. And it’s not just through the insights that you’re sharing but also through the new skill sets that can help people generate more income. You can create an impact on people’s thoughts and behavior so they can bring value to others.

2. Meet new people and build a stronger network.

There is a saying that goes like this, “Your net worth is your network.” So if you want to build a strong network of professionals, one of the best ways to network with new people is to become a freelance trainer or a public speaker. The variety of people, thoughts, and experiences in the classroom is a constant source of inspiration.

3. Enjoy the freedom and power that comes with sharing your thoughts.

There are many ways to express what you want to see in the world. You can write books, create a blog, create a community, and speak in public. The last, probably, is the easiest one if you don’t have writing or community-building skills. Becoming a public speaker is a great way to plant thoughts, processes, and ideas in an organization, in a process, and in people.

4. Enjoy the perks of having your own schedule.

If you want to become a professional freelance trainer and public speaker, you can create your own flexible, working schedule as you work around your own personal schedule and priorities. This is very useful for people who do not want to feel limited by the usual 9-to-5 corporate work schedules. It is also very attractive to those who want to travel year round and can work literally anywhere.

5. Level up through continuous learning.

As a trainer or public speaker, you are not just sharing what you know. You also learn from your audience and through the modules you are teaching. In a way, it is a continuous learning process that can help you become better and better each time.

6. Work remotely.

In one study, researchers found that one of the top reasons why more people in the US are quitting their traditional jobs is because they want to shift to self-employment as they feel this road gives them more control over their careers. Becoming a freelance trainer or a public speaker can be a good career shift for people who do not want to get stuck in the office for eight hours a day.

Are You Ready To Make That Shift?

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Edits: Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla

About Imelda
Imelda Say is currently the Director for Consult Asia Global, an end-to-end training and consulting firm with operations in the Philippines, Canada, Australia, and the UK. She specializes in topics under leadership, sales, and customer service. A trainer and an entrepreneur, she believes that her present endeavors contribute to her mission to create experiences for people not only to learn but also to improve quality of life.

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