By Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla

A study by The Dream Project PH found that 7 out of 10 Filipinos do not dream because of poverty, lack of passion, little room for opportunities, discouraging words, and low self-esteem.

In a highly digitized world wherein dreams are often clouded with what we see in social media, it’s important to encourage people, especially young women, to pursue their own dreams no matter how small, big, or far-fetched it may seem. One way to start the ball rolling is to ask the question, what is your dream?

In celebration of the International Women’s Month and in anticipation of the Freedom To Dream 2019 Summit happening on April 13, 2019, at the Red Carpet in Shangri-La Plaza, we asked 5 Filipino women to talk about their dreams in life. And because embracing the freedom to dream involves an action plan to help you achieve your goals, we asked these women what steps they’re taking to move closer to their dreams.

Here’s what they got to say.

Judy Lorenzo
29-year-old Girl Boss of myBOSS
Makati City, Philippines

My dream is to establish businesses that can provide disruptive solutions to contribute to the greater good of society. To achieve this, I partner and collaborate with like-minded people. I remind myself to keep an open mind in discovering and experiencing new ideas so I can hone my skills and creativity further.

Kimberly Kate D. Yap
20-Year-Old Human Resources Officer
Bulacan, Philippines

There are two parts of me, so I have two dreams, too. As a selfless young woman, my dream is to be strong, independent, and confident. I want to become an achiever who can provide everything that my family needs and wants. Seeing them happy is my happiness, too.

But, if I’ll be given the chance to just follow my own dreams, my biggest dream is to become a great singer. Maybe there’s a way to achieve it and at the same time, I can provide for my family. But for now, as a fresh graduate working in the human resources department, I love to gain more learnings and make the best out of it. After all of the struggles and hard work, maybe the best time would come and my dreams will be as easy for me to chase.

Ava Banzuela-Esplanada
25-year-old Digital Professional (DigiPRO)
Marikina City, Philippines

I want to have my own course creation and training company. A company that maps out courses and trains people for entrepreneurship and even corporate positions.

A one-stop shop for businesses wherein they can just delegate outlining courses and provide training for a process, product, or a service.

I am a DigiPRO (Digital Professional) and one of the services I provide is course creation. I started working full time as a DigiPro in 2017 but I initially rendered part-time virtual assistant services from 2011 until then. I worked with different startups and I discovered my passion for making workflows and documenting what tasks to do and how to do them when I worked for a UK-based coaching company as the Director’s Executive Assistant.

I also dream of becoming a well-known Digital Professional trainer for corporations. I want to help these companies have another venue for lifelong learning, growth, and personal development for their employees. My goal is to help people with corporate jobs expand beyond their 9-to-5 comfort zone and learn new skills after 6:00 P.M. so they can earn extra through online work that they can do at home or in co-working spaces. Discovering and/or acquiring new skill sets opens up more opportunities for them to be successful in other areas or disciplines. They can use these for career progression and self-development.

One step that I have taken to achieve this goal was to start teaching people online, which I know I could do well. Then, another opportunity came for me to start training people offline last March 7, 2019, during the first DigiPRO 101 event at The Wrkspce in Makati for The After Six Club. And I look forward to doing more!

Rio Laine Bringuelo
28-Year-Old Life Coach
Pasig City, Philippines

My dream is to become one of the sought-after life coaches here in the Philippines. In order to really guide me through the process, I made sure that I have a coach for myself, for my goals, and my dreams. Also, I am surrounded by great mentors.

I allot time to study and practice. I invested in books, videos, and clips that I study every day in order to gain more knowledge in this field. I also make sure that I maximize my strengths and always apply coaching in everything I do. Personality tests, values worksheets, and strengths finder are very helpful tools.

Coaching is my lifestyle. This means whatever I do, it should be aligned with coaching. Mindset is everything. I make sure that whenever I feel stuck, frustrated, or doubtful of myself, I keep a journal of my blessings and achievements.

I also have a supportive best friend so it’s a must to have a cheerleader. My dream board is also posted in front of my bed. This reminds me to work harder every morning and to be grateful every night.

Ramona Jessica F. Nadong
23-Year-Old ESL Tutor, Blogger
Quezon City, Philippines

I would love to be an award-winning writer and blogger someday, work in the media industry, and retire when I hit 40 while managing my own business.

I’m currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in Communication and I’m still trying to study different ways to make my online selling business flourish. I’m constantly practicing to write better and with God’s grace, my blog is getting more stable. I’m now working as a contributor for Village Pipol, a magazine here in the Philippines.

Embrace The Freedom To Dream

The upcoming Freedom to Dream Summit emboldens the Filipino youth to crush self-doubt, ignite one’s passion, and teaches young people to how to maximize their resources to turn dreams into reality.

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