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Based on figures from the Passengers Survey, the number of tourist arrivals in Cyprus increased by 29.3 percent during the first quarter of 2018 compared to the previous year. A total of 369,438 people visited Cyprus from January to March 2018.

While there are many reasons to visit Cyprus, the increased interest in the acquisition of a Golden Visa or a Golden Passport could be a contributing factor. A Golden Visa is either in the form of a Residency or Permanent Residency-By-Investment Program. On the other hand, a Golden Passport is a Citizenship-By-Investment Program. Both options have become quite popular among investors who are looking to break beyond the borders of their existing passports and work (and live) abroad with their families.

For example, the Cyprus Citizenship-By-Investment is a program that gives investors the chance to gain Cypriot citizenship. By extension, the investor and his or her family can also acquire a European Union (EU) citizenship. This means that you can work, study, and live in Cyprus without the need to acquire a visa. You can also travel, conduct business, relocate and even buy properties and lands anywhere in the EU.

The best part? Once the applicant and his or her family become citizens, they are entitled to enjoy the whole EU! This means they can travel, relocate, study, work and/or conduct business in any other EU country. This also means that they can enjoy the social benefits such as education and healthcare of each country.

Here’s some practical examples of such benefit: If the investor wants to get medical treatment in Germany, with the Cyprus passport he will be treated as a German and therefore entitled to the same social benefits and healthcare system a German is entitled to. If children want to study in the UK, the children of successful applicants will therefore be considered a UK citizen, hence not subject to international quotas and staggering tuitions fees. Basically, the investor and his or her family become citizen of 28 countries, not only Cypriot.

If you’re interested in exploring this opportunity, why don’t you travel to Cyprus for leisure first? Here are 5 reasons to visit the country this 2019.

1. Savor the sea.
As the third biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, you can expect the beaches in Cyprus to be breathtakingly beautiful! And because Cyprus is relatively sunny all year long, you won’t be disappointed. Head to the beaches in Ayia Napa, which are the most popular. If you’re a mythology fan, don’t miss the beach in Paphos and see Aphrodite’s Rock with your own eyes.

2. Enjoy the gastronomical treats.
Greek and Turkish dishes rule the majority of cuisine in Cyprus so expect a lot of grilled dishes, yogurt, dips, and wraps. But when in Cyprus, take advantage of how fresh the produce is. As for dessert, traditional sweets include nuts dipped in fruit juice or honey and then sun-dried. It’s a welcome and interesting break from your usual fried dough desserts!

3. Enjoy the laidback lifestyle.
With its mountains and peaceful countryside, Cyprus is considered to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The locals are relatively friendly and warm. In recent years, it has also been said to be a safe haven for immigrants who came from war-torn countries. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, Cyprus could be your peaceful escape too, even only for a while, until you’re ready to explore other EU countries again.

4. Heaven for history buffs.
The country’s history dates back to over 10,000 years! Apart from visiting the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia, the country’s capital, you can also visit mosques, ruins like Korion and Amathus, and the famous Venetian walls. If you’re a history buff, Cyprus could be one of the most interesting backdrops you can use for your Instagram stories.

5. One of the safest countries in Europe.
Based on figures from the Eurostat statistics, Cyprus has the lowest crime rates in the EU, including petty ones like pickpocketing, robberies, and even violent crimes. This is a travel factor that should be highlighted when looking for countries to explore, especially in the EU. 

See You In Cyprus!
Known as the “playgrounds of gods in mythology”, Cyprus is considered a land of plenty. Apart from the amazing beaches, warm year-round weather, and healthy cuisine, the people are friendly and welcoming. More than just an amazing travel destination, Cyprus could be your new home or your gateway to Europe.

For further information about the Cyprus Citizenship-By-Investment program or any other investment immigration opportunities, contact your Harvey Law Group representative.

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