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A second passport is the ultimate accessory. Not only is it good for leisure purposes but more importantly, for career and/or business. Accordingly to a report from Brightpark Edu-Travel, 94 percent of American business leaders believe that travel experience is equivalent to a competitive workplace advantage.

Traveling has become a new method of learning, not just for students and professionals, but more importantly, for business owners and investors. Being mobile also allows business owners to expand their portfolio.

So if you’re thinking of getting a second passport, also called a golden passport, through the citizenship-by-investment programs, here are the perks you can get in terms of mobility.

1. Visa-Free Travel

There are a lot of countries today offering citizenship-by-investment programs. For example, if you are successful in securing a second passport in Grenada, you can enjoy visa-free travel to the United Kingdom, European Union (EU) countries, China, and 140+ countries! If you frequent the United States of America for business and leisure, your new Grenadian passport can also get you a US E-2 visa.

As a business person, you shouldn’t let borders become your boundaries. Secure a second passport so you can maximize this new global mobility. Best of all, you can extend this visa-free benefit to your family members!

2. Business Expansion

Global mobility is a huge advantage for business people, especially investors who wish to expand their business or look for worthy investments that are not readily available in their home country.

Countries with citizenship-by-investment programs partner with government-approved projects, including startups, that foreign investors can look into. As a citizen, you can also opt to start a business on your own in a foreign land without having to look for local partners.

Want to become a luxury resort owner? You can also choose to become a luxury resort owner through citizenship-by-investment programs like the exclusive Six Senses La Sagesse Grenada Project without the need to leave your home country if you don’t want to. With a second passport, you can enjoy the benefits that citizens also get when it comes to business and taxes.

3. Enter New Markets

If you’re expanding your business, what works in your home country may not work elsewhere. So more than research, you need to be on the ground to test your campaigns. Many businesses fail to enter and conquer new markets due to border challenges.

A second passport makes entering new markets easier in terms of back and forth travel. A golden passport is your golden ticket to flexibility. Having that capacity to enter a new market and expand abroad gives your business an instant boost and market advantage.

4. Extensive Network

While technology makes it easier, faster, and possible to work with virtually anyone around the world, in reality, there are many opportunities that are never realized because of one’s current passport.

A visa-free travel, thanks to a second passport, can help you maximize new business connections and take on more opportunities. The same can be said for your children who are now eligible to study in universities and colleges abroad that were once just a dream because of travel constraints. A golden passport is also your golden ticket to an expansive network.

Are Your Ready to Explore a Wider World?

With a golden passport, the world can seem wider than ever. If you’re ready to make that investment for your business and/or family, you can contact your Harvey Law Group representative.

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Harvey Law Group




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