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If you’ve always wanted to get a second passport and become a part-owner of a luxury resort in the Carribean, here’s your chance. The Commonwealth of Dominica, an island country in the West Indies, is now offering its only citizenship-by-investment (CBI) opportunity under the five-star, world-renowned Secret Bay Resort: The Residences at Secret Bay.

If you’re looking for a second passport program that includes ownership of a luxury resort of your dreams, here are 4 reasons why you should consider this investment soon.

  1. Dominica is a nature lover’s paradise.

Also known as “The Nature Island of the Caribbean”, Dominica is home to the world’s second largest boiling lake, the Caribbean’s longest hike-able trail, 365 rivers, majestic waterfalls, beautiful hot springs, and black and white sand beaches. This Carribean country’s beauty is known the world over and people go here to experience it all. Owning a luxury resort in this part of the world is a strategic, lucrative investment.

2. Dominica is considered the “World’s Best Country for Second Citizenship”.
Not just once, but twice. The Commonwealth of Dominica has earned this prestigious title two years in a row. The title was given by the Financial Times subsidiary Professional Wealth Management. If you get a second passport from Dominica, you can enjoy the following key advantages:

  • Visa-free travel to over 130 countries
  • 90-day path to citizenship
  • Lifetime citizenship for families, passable through generations
  • Favorable tax regime
  • Quick relocation
  • Access to The Residences at Secret Bay’s high-performing property rental, resale program, and property management.

3. The Residences at Secret Bay is a completed property.
Unlike other citizenship-by-investment programs with luxury resort partners, Dominica’s The Residences at Secret Bay is already a finished and operational resort. This means that investors won’t have to wait until construction to start receiving their dividends and complimentary stays at the luxury resort.

Pricing for The Residences at Secret Bay range from USD 218,000 per share for citizenship investors to USD 1,220,800 for individuals who want full ownership of an under-the-radar, sustainable luxury Caribbean vacation home. With strong demands for ownership by vacation home buyers, The Residences at Secret Bay grants citizenship investors unmatched access to the vacation home market for resale.

4. The Residences at Secret Bay is a pristine jungle-meets-ocean luxury resort.
The 33-acre property has 42 villas and villa estates. The architecture and interiors thoughtfully reflect the pristine Nature Island. The luxury resort embraces casual coastal elegance with stately modern amenities, and generous floor plans consisting of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

As an investor, you gain privileged access to the resort’s incomparable five-star services and amenities including a dedicated villa attendant, three secluded pools, swimmable beaches, and an on-property sea cave. Moreover, you can enjoy the open-air Zing Zing Restaurant, or relax at riverside couple’s treatments at the Gommiern Spa and Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion.

Invest In A Luxury Resort Today
The first step to becoming a luxury resort owner and getting a second passport from Dominica is to contact your Harvey Law Group representative:

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