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In recent years, more and more investors from the Philippines are diversifying and investing their money in luxury resorts abroad. Apart from it being a lucrative investment, there are many perks that you can get. One of which is the so-called golden passport or second passport through citizenship-by-investment programs.

If you’ve just heard of the citizenship-by-investment programs, let us give you the quick facts. As the program name suggests, these programs are offered by several countries around the world to interested investors who wish to invest their money abroad in exchange for second citizenship. These investments could be in the form of designated projects or startups and properties, including luxury resorts.

For example, Grenada’s Citizenship-by-Investment program, which started in August 2013, offers investors the chance to become co-owners of the 6-star luxury resort in one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

The project is called the exclusive Six Senses La Sagesse Grenada Project and investors from around the world become owners of this slice of paradise in the Caribbean and, at the same time, become a citizen of Grenada. A Grenadian passport allows visa-free access to the European Union (EU) countries, China, United Kingdom, and 140+ other countries! It also allows Grenadian citizens to get a US E-2 visa.

And that’s just one of the many perks of investing in a luxury resort overseas. Here are 3 more advantages that you can enjoy.

Secret Bay Dominica

You Get To Stay At The Resort
Depending on which luxury resort you’re putting your money in, many give their investors up to five weeks of free stay at the resort every year. Apart from the much-needed rest and relaxation, you also get to enjoy the world-class fitness and sports facilities, the spa, the beach, the restaurants, and the bars. Planning a pampering trip is now easier because you know exactly where you can go for a lavish stay.

You Have People To Manage Your Property
Many people want to own a piece of a luxury resort, but managing it can be quite a problem, especially if you have no background in the hospitality industry. As an investor in the property, the luxury resort is, well, yours. This means that you have full rights to it as it is part of your wealth portfolio. As an investor, you then get free professional management of your luxury resort.

Secret Bay Dominica

You Enjoy Great, Fast Returns On Your Investment
Investing or purchasing a luxury resort yields one of the fastest and biggest ROIs. Your free stays at the resort yearly can also be considered as ROIs. But of course, we’re talking more about the investment returns when the luxury resort starts making money from the tourism and health/wellness industries. Now, if you choose to sell your shares, you’re also likely to be in the green because there’s always a strong demand for resort properties.

Invest In A Luxury Resort Today
People want lavish trips and pampering vacations. This is where luxury resorts come into play. If you’re interested in owning a slice of paradise and get a second passport along the way, feel free to contact your Harvey Law Group representative:


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