Let’s face it, entrepreneurship is not for everyone nor being a corporate employee.  However, everyone has a personal brand everyone should realize and know from within.

Personal branding, a buzzword everyone has been reading from all sorts of publications and blogs or may have been heard or discussed amongst peers and friends.

From the words PERSONAL BRANDING, it sounds pretty straightforward but there are still those who still feel at-lost and wandering on who they are, and if they’ve already found what it is.

Apparently, it’s beyond logo creation and color palettes.  It’s about how you walk the talk and show up online and offline, the alignment between what you say and what you do.

Finding your personal brand can be challenging.


  •  Maybe you struggle with insecurities (impostor syndrome)
  •  Maybe you don’t know what parts of your story to share (confused)
  •  Maybe you have no idea to put out for your audience (self-doubt).


But, with internalization, visualization and knowing who you really are can make that authentic personal brand identified is possible and you may have this applied to where you’re currently working for or what you’re working on.


You need to understand your identity first.


Ask yourself:

  • What is my mission?
  • What is my vision?
  • What are my values and non-negotiables?
  • What are my passions?
  • What are my beliefs?
  • What do I stand for?

As you identify and actualize what those are. You’ll be able to have a much better understanding of yourself, whom you want to work with, how you work with others, what you want to accomplish in this lifetime and have an extension of your real-life identity online effortlessly. Need more help? Here are 3 important questions one should ask themselves to create an authentic personal brand and get to know yourself better in why you do, what you do.



When I ended my tenure in the company I was with, I have been having these moments of asking myself  Is this is all that I’m ever going to be? and, I always feel and knew that I am more than where I am but I knew as well that I had to endure so many challenges to learn in order to equip me with what I will go for, eventually. I always knew that I wanted to be remembered as someone who has made an impact, tried her best to make a difference and have helped more than one company but rather help more lives realize that their dreams and goals and worthy of them and that they are worthy of owning their dreams.

  • What legacy would you want to leave behind which you’d like to pass on to your grandchildren and to their children’s children?
  • When it’s time for you to leave for the after-life, what stories would you want your guests to exchange?
  • Who do you need to become to be the person who leaves that impact and be what you envision for others to remember and what you’ll leave behind?

REMEMBER:  We are here for a reason. We’re still breathing and waking up every single day for a reason. Make the most of the time we have on this planet.  You are needed, you are important. 


You may also ask, Who are you serving for, or why you’re here to serve? Who you are offline is an extension of your identity offline and vice versa but as you’re serving for others, it’s not always 100% about you. Wait, before you get confused.  Listen – Your personal brand is about conveying the message you want to relay effortlessly, day-in and day-out. It revolves around the type of value you bring in to your audience and the kind of a person that you are at the same time knowing what your audience needs. By learning from others, you get to hone and sharpen yourself, too. Help others solve the problems they can’t seem to voice out, empower and serve them as they also uplift you. The key questions here are:


  • Who are you serving? Why do you want to serve?
  • What do you have in common with the audience and those whom you want to serve?
  • What challenges are there that you’re trying to solve and desires that you know immensely?
  • Who are you passionate about helping and serving?
  • Who are the people you want to surround yourself with?


Need help on knowing about others? Ask them questions. People are always naturally helpful especially on sharing their pain points and what they want to solve or be with people whom they can find a solution with.


Just in case you don’t know yet but there’s no one person alike like you – your talents, experiences, perception and the passions you can bring to the table are ONLY YOURS to have. You are 100% Unique. No kidding. But, humankind has the same problems and challenges especially in this evolving world we are currently living and breathing in. And, as you have your own sets of experiences and insights, you have the key to what the others need. Don’t put it into waste. The question now here is – What is the work you’re really here to do?

  • Are you someone who wants to change the world of unschooling or support advocacy for more people to adapt and have the clarity to what it is? How does it work?
  • Are you a copywriter who’s got this skill to convert sales and advocate helping business owners?
  • Are you a consultant or a coach who cares deeply about equality and workplace culture?


You’re lucky, we’re very lucky. The world of the internet is opening up a constant and endless opportunity for us to practice our voice and have freedom of speech. Nowadays, we have more breathing space to be what we want to be and further become. In business, regardless of what status you’re in or on, you can’t just talk about the “what” and “how” in business and in life. Everyone would want to connect with your Why.  


Evaluate and ask yourself –

  • What change do you want to change in the industry or niche you want to serve?
  • What causes do you champion and can endlessly standup for?
  • What do you and your audience believe in?
  • What are your non-negotiable professionally and personally?

Now, are you ready to ramp up that personal brand? Give yourself a few minutes in a day, every day and internalize realizations toward answering these questions.

About Kassy Kassy Pajarillo, is the chief encourager of The After Six Club and an international, independent LinkedIn trainer  whom have taught and shared masterclasses in Mongolia, Malaysia and Philippines. She’s a frequent speaker on Personal Branding, LinkedIn Power Profile and Optimization, Employee Ambassadorship and Digital Responsibility amongst few.  She made use of her talents and skills to pursue her advocacy – help you drive your ambition and pursuing your dreams through transformative and progressive education.

Today, she makes use of her influence on reminding you to embrace lifelong learning, writes in digital and traditional media, curates events and hosts corporate events.


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