Because you’re human.

Wait, before you react negatively, hear me out first.  Personal Branding is pretty tricky and it’s been a buzzword where everyone’s talking about so much on how to ‘build a brand’ and what it’s about. It says so many things that it often relates to as if you’re launching a product rather than telling the story of who you are, your capabilities, your heart, and your mission.

No, you’re not a soda bottle, makeup primer or food on the menu. You’re a human person who’s got character and personality,  you have something to stand up for and advocacies, you believe in something and have non-negotiable but definitely, you are not another thing to sell.

Sure, there are a whole lot of strategic tall about developing a consistent message, following and talking to the right people, knowing your audience and what is useful and according to your mission but as you’re a human being – your perception may also change, and everything else is subject to evolve but your mission and vision will always be what it is as that’s your life’s purpose.

Drew Olanoff said it best in his (admittedly rather ranty) post on TechCrunch.comon this topic:

If you’ve ever asked yourself “Am I a brand?” then the answer is no. You are a person. A person who breathes air like the rest of us, uses the Internet like the rest of us and maybe tweets some awesome stuff. You are not a brand, don’t need a brand management team, don’t need to take personal branding classes and surely don’t ever need to become a “personal branding expert.” [Link]

You don’t have to make yourself commoditized. Building or introduce yourself is not a self-promotion campaign but rather a leadership trait and it happens naturally, the way that you are with consciousness, morals, and values.

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But, as you build trust and relationships. Your personal brand (of who you are) should be consistent with the voice that you lead.

In a nutshell, it’s all about self-actualization, self-awareness and knowing you’re worth it, you’ve got a voice to share and you have something to offer that can help others; regardless where that passion takes you.

Go out there and build relationships, serve and be on a mission. That will build your personal brand.

Now, are you ready to ramp up that personal brand?

About Kassy Kassy Pajarillo, is the chief encourager of The After Six Club and an international, independent LinkedIn trainer  whom have taught and shared masterclasses in Mongolia, Malaysia and Philippines. She’s a frequent speaker on Personal Branding, LinkedIn Power Profile and Optimization, Employee Ambassadorship and Digital Responsibility amongst few.  She made use of her talents and skills to pursue her advocacy – help you drive your ambition and pursuing your dreams through transformative and progressive education.

Today, she makes use of her influence on reminding you to embrace lifelong learning, writes in digital and traditional media, curates events and hosts corporate events.


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